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Blundstone 001 Weatherseal Gumboot

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Colour: Black
Made in Tasmania, these all-rounders are recommended for most general purpose activities but are not suitable for use in the food industry.


  • Features
  • Care Details
  • Waterproof General Purpose Gumboot
    Gumboots are highly resistant to water and liquid penetration keeping your feet dry for all day comfort.

    PVC/Nitrile Blend Upper
    The chemical, oil & acid resistant properties of the gumboots provide waterproof protection for many environments.

    Adjustable Trim Height
    Pre-stamped lines provide a guide so the gumboot can be cut to the required height.

    Slip & Abrasion Resistant
    Our soles combine a unique tread pattern with our expertise in blending the PVC/nitrile to provide excellent durability and slip resistance.

    Reinforced Ankle, Heel & Instep
    The reinforced ankle, heel and instep provide extra support and increase durability in high pressure areas of the gumboot.

    Rear Kick-Off Lip
    The rear kick-off lip is designed for you to get your boots off quickly and safely.

  • • After wear, gently brush off dirt and other contaminants using a soft brush or cloth. Rinse with clean water, adding a mild detergent if necessary. Wipe dry.
    • Do not soak your gumboots in solvents or heavy detergents.
    • Do not dry or store your gumboots in direct sunlight or near a heat source as this may cause the rubber to become sticky and break down.
    • Wipe down the insides of your gumboots and wash the footbeds using a mild detergent and water as required.